IMAP Creating Value 14

Welcome to the 14th edition of IMAP’s flagship magazine, Creating Value.

In this issue we continue our series dedicated to the subject of ESG and hear from Industrial Group CIE Automotive and why ESG has become firmly integrated into its business model and alongside M&A, is crucial to the company’s sustainability.

We put Application Software under the microscope and look at the story and people behind recent client acquisitions in the Transport & Logistics and Web Hosting sectors, as well as a key cross-border acquisition in LATAM in the Industrials sector inspired by the global drive to adopt energy efficient facility design in refrigeration.

As IMAP continues to further expand its reach in the CEE region, we meet IMAP’s new partner in Romania, BICF, and analyze the country’s M&A landscape and why strong sustained economic growth and consolidation opportunities are drawing in large international players.

In Creating Value, we always try to dissect the current issues affecting corporate transactions so in this issue, we give the low-down on the effects of inflation on M&A and company valuations. We also examine the human factor in transactions, after all, M&A is more than just a transactions, it’s about the people behind the deal.

And finally, staying closer to home, we look at the crucial role IMAP analysts and associates play in the M&A process, share highlights of our recent conference in Bilbao, celebrate IMAP Germany’s 25th anniversary, as well as hear from IMAP Chairman, Jurgis V. Oniunas, who looks at the lessons to be learnt from the rise and fall of powerhouse GE.


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